May 6 - 9, 2013
MIT, Cambridge, USA
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Day 1  - BSN 2013 Conference - 7 May 2013 (in Multi-Purpose Room)
0730 - 0830 Registration and Coffee 0830 - 0930 Welcome and Keynote Speaker Alex “Sandy” Pentland / MIT, USA 0930 - 1000 Invited Talk - The Role of the Aggregator in BSNs John Stankovic / University of Virginia, USA 1000 - 1030 Break and View Posters / Exhibits
 Conference Agenda
Systems & Communications in Multi-Purpose Room (E14-674) Session Co-Chairs: Steffen Leonhardt and John Stankovic
Activity Monitoring in Lecture Hall (E14-633) Session Co-Chairs:  Paulo Bonato and Surapa Thiemjarus
WristQue:  A Personal Sensor Wristband B. Mayton, N. Zhao, M. Aldrich, N. Gillian, & J. Paradiso, MIT, USA
Robust Human Intensity-varying Activity Recognition using Stochastic Approximation in Wearable Sensors N. Alshurafa, W. Xu, J. Liu, M-C. Huang, B. Mortazavi, M. Sarrafzadeh, & C. Roberts / UCLA, USA
1030 - 1050
1050 - 1110
Protect your BSN: No Handshakes, just Namaste! P. Bagade, A. Banerjee, J. Milazzo, & S. Gupta / Arizona State University, USA
Robust Activity Recognition Combining Anomaly Detection and Classifier Retraining H. Sagha1, A. Calatroni2, J. Millán1, D. Roggen2, & G. Tröster2, & R. Chavarriaga1 / 1CNBI, EPF, Switzerland; 2ETH, Switzerland
1110 - 1130
Emerging Spectrum Regulation for Medical Body Area Network D. Wang1, D. Smith1, R. Krasinski1, M. Ghosh1, & A. Batra2 / 1Philips Electronics North America, USA; 2Texas Instruments, USA
A Hidden Markov Model of the Breaststroke Swimming Temporal Phases Using Wearable Inertial Measurement Units F. Dadashi1, A. Arami1, F. Crettenand2, G. Millet2, J. Komar3, L. Seifert3, & K. Aminian1 / 1École Polytechnique, Switzerland; 2University of Lausanne, Switzerland; 3University of Rouen, France
1130 - 1150
Development of a Wireless Low-power Multi-sensor Network for Motion Tracking Applications D. Comotti1,2, M. Ermidoro2, M. Galizzi2, & A. Vitali3 / 1University of Pavia, Italy; 2University of Bergamo, Italy; 3STMicroelectronics, Italy
Experts Lift Differently: Classification of Weight-lifting Athletes R. Adelsberger & G. Tröster / Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
1150 - 1210
Real-time Physiological Monitoring of Soldiers Encapsulated in Chemical-biological Clothing W. Tharion, A. Potter, C. Clements, A. Karis, M. Buller, & R. Hoyt / U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, USA
Behavior Recognition based on Machine Learning Algorithms for a Wireless Canine Machine Interface R. Brugarolas, R. Loftin, P. Yang, D. Roberts, B. Sherman, & A. Bozkurt / North Carolina State University, USA
1210 - 1310
1310 - 1340
Invited Talk - Mobile Health for Diabetes David Klonoff, MD / UCSF Diabetes Center, USA
Sensors in Multi-Purpose Room (E14-74) Session Co-Chairs: David Klonoff and Bryan McLaughlin
Gait & Energy  in Lecture Hall (E14-633 Session Co=Chairs: Bjoern Eskofier and Toshio Tamura
1340 - 1400
A Low Power Miniaturized CMOS-based Continuous Glucose Monitoring System R. Croce Jr.1,2, S. Vaddiraju1,2, A. Legassey1, Y. Wang2, D. Burgess2, F. Papadimitrakopoulos2, & F. Jain2 / 1Biorasis, Inc., USA; 2U Conn, USA;
Automated Assessment of Gait Deviations in Children with Cerebral Palsy using a Sensorized Shoe and Active Shape Models C. Strohrmann1, S. Patel2, C. Mancinelli2, L. Deming2, J. Chu3, R. Greenwald3, G. Tröster1, & P. Bonato2 / 1ETH, Switzerland; 2Harvard Medical School, USA; 3Simbex, USA
1400 - 1420
A Wearable Sensor Platform to Monitor Sweat pH and Skin Temperature M. Caldara1, C. Colleoni1, E. Guido1, G. Rosace1, V. Re1, & A. Vitali2 / 1University of Bergamo, Italy; 2STMicroelectronics, Italy
A Study on Instance-based Learning with Reduced Training Prototypes for Device-Context-Independent Activity Recognition on a  Mobile Phone S. Thiemjarus1, A. Henpraserttae2, & S. Marukatat1 / 1National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand; 2Thammasat University, Thailand
1420 - 1440
Multi-channel Pulse Oximetry for Wearable Physiological Monitoring Y. Mendelson, D. Dao, & K. Chon / Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Unsupervised Activity Clustering to Estimate Energy Expenditure with a Single Body Sensor S. Chen1, J. Lach1, O. Amft2, M. Altini3, & J. Penders3 / 1University of Virginia, USA; 2Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands; 3imec, The Netherlands
1440 - 1500
Lunch and View Posters / Exhibits Break and View Posters / Exhibits
1500 - 1520
Invited Talk - Reshaping Electronics for the Human Body Kevin Dowling / MC10
Functional Regression for Data Fusion and Indirect Measurements of Physiological Variables collected by Wearable Sensor Systems and Indirect Calorimetry A. Gribok1, W. Rumpler1, R. Hoyt2, & M. Buller2 / 1USDA, USA; 2U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, USA
1520 - 1540
Battery-less Microdevices for Body Sensor / Actuator Networks A. Denisov & E. Yeatman / Imperial College London, UK
Towards Estimation of Frontcrawl Energy Expenditure using the Wearable Aquatic Movement Analysis System (WAMAS) F. Dadashi1, K. Aminian1, F. Crettenand2, G. Millet2 / 1École Polytechnique, Switzerland; 2University of Lausanne, Switzerland
1540 - 1600
Objective Assessment of Overexcited Hand Movements using a Lightweight Sensory Device S. Lee, H. Ghasemzadeh, B. Mortazavi, A. Yew, R. Getachew, M. Razaghy, N. Ghalehsari, B. Paak, J. Garst, M. Espinal, J. Kimball, D. Lu, & M. Sarrafzadeh / UCLA, USA
MET Calculations from On-Body Accelerometers for Exergaming Movements B. Mortazavi, N. Alsharufa, S. Lee, M. Lan, M. Sarrafzadeh, M. Chronley, & C. Roberts / UCLA, USA
Day 2  - BSN 2013 Conference - 8 May 2013 in Multi-Purpose Room (E14-674)
1600 - 1730 Poster / Exhibits Session 1730 Adjourn 1800 - 2100 Banquet in Silverman Skyline Room (E14-648)
0730 - 0830 Registration and Coffee 0830 - 0930 Welcome and Keynote Speaker - Dale Wiggins / Philips Research North America, USA 0930 - 1000 Invited Talk - Rosalind Picard / MIT, USA 1000 - 1030 Break and View Posters / Exhibits Session Co-Charis:  Kong Chen and Yitzhak Mendelson 1030 - 1050 On-bed Monitoring for Range of Motion Exercises with a Pressure Sensitive Bedsheet J. Liu, M-C. Huang, W. Xu, N. Alshurafa, & M. Sarrafzadeh / UCLA, USA 1050 - 1110 On the Characterization of Leg Agility in Patients with Parkinson's Disease M. Giuberti1, G. Ferrari1, L. Contin2, V. Cimolin3, N. Cau3, M. Galli3, C. Azzaro4, G. Albani4, & A. Mauro4 / 1University of Parma, Italy; 2Telecom Italia, Italy; 3Politecnico di Milano, Italy; 4Istituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCS, Italy 1110 - 1130 Forearm Functional Movements Recognition Using Spare Channel Surface Electromyography Z. Zhang, C. Wong, & G-Z. Yang / Imperial College London, UK 1130 - 1150 Arrhythmia Discrimination using a Smart Phone J. Chong1, D. McManus2, & K. Chon1 / 1Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA; 2UMASS USA 1150 - 1210 High Performance Multi-dimensional Signal Search with Applications in Remote Medical Monitoring M. Moazeni & M. Sarrafzadeh / UCLA, USA 1210 - 1310 Lunch and View Posters / Exhibits 1310 - 1340 Invited Talk - PHASER: Physiological Health Assessment System for Emergency Responders M. Batalin1, E. Yuen1, B. Dolezal1, D. Smith2, C. Cooper1, & J. Mapar3 / 1UCLA, USA; 2Skidmore College, USA; 3DHS S&T, USA 1340 - 1400 Wearable Sensors can Assist in PTSD Diagnosis A. Webb1, A. Vincent1, A. Jin1, & M. Pollack2 / 1Draper Laboratory, USA; 2Rush University Medical Center, USA 1400 - 1420 Identification of Sleep Apnea Events using Discrete Wavelet Transform of Respiration, ECG and Accelerometer Signals K. Sweeney1, E. Mitchell1, J. Gaughran1, T. Kane2, R. Costello3, S. Coyle1, N. O'Connor1, & D. Diamond1 / 1CLARITY Dublin City University, Ireland; 2St. Joseph Sleep Disorder Clinic, Ireland; 3Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland 1420 - 1440 Individualized Apnea Prediction in Preterm Infants using Cardio-Respiratory and Movement Signals J. Williamson1, D. Bliss2, D. Browne1, P. Indic3, E. Bloch-Salisbury3, & D. Paydarfar3,4 / 1MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA; 2Arizona State University, USA; 3UMASS Medical Center, USA; 4Harvard University, USA 1440 - 1500 Smartphone-based Detection of Voice Disorders by Long-term Monitoring of Neck Acceleration Features D. Mehta1,2, M. Zañartu3, J. Van Stan1, S. Feng1,4, H. Cheyne II1,5, & R. Hillman1,2 / 1MGH, USA; 2Harvard Medical School, USA; 3U Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile; 4Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology, MIT, USA; 5Cornell University, USA 1500 - 1530 Break and View Posters / Exhibits 1530 - 1550 Invited Talk - Inputs in Search of Outputs:  Evaluating Wearable Sensors to Improve Health William Riley, PhD / NIH, USA 1550 - 1610 Invited Talk - Misha Pavel, PhD / NSF, Program Director, Smart Health and Well-Being 1610 - 1630 Invited Talk - Jaques Reifman, PhD / U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center 1630 - 1700 Government Panel: Kong Chen / NIH/NIDDKD Reed Hoyt / USARIEM Misha Pavel / NSF William Riley / NIH/NCI Tamara Harris / NIA 1700 Closing Remarks, Awards, and Adjourn 1800 - 2000 Thank You Dinner for Workshop Organizers (by invitation only)
Medical & Performance Applications - Part 1
Medical & Performance Applications - Part 2 Session Co-Chairs:  Maxim Batalin and Ki Chong
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